"Acta Diurna" Journalists Club


"Acta Diurna" Journalists Club


“Acta Diurna” Journalists Club of IUHD is the group of members that helps to develop the journalism skills and show the journalistic talents of the students. In the working plan of the Club, there are various academic activities that encourage students of our university in article writing, photographing, typing, video-making skills and etc.

Established: February 13, 2021


·       to deepen knowledge in journalism field;

·       to stimulate and encourage journalism professionalism through educational and extra-curricular activities;

·       to facilitate students-oriented development of the skills and competences in the relevant field.


There are more than seven active students on the regular basis; however, students of other faculties also can be a member of the Club.

Club’s Charter:

“Acta Diurna” Journalists Club has its own Charter that provides information about the membership of the Club, duties and obligations of the members, supervisor responsibilities, Club meetings and activities.


Contact information:

Email: iuhdjournalism.club@yandex.ru