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Faculty of International Economics and Management of the International University for the Humanities and Development is a team of young, ambitious and well-qualified scholars, teachers and researchers with strong educational background, ready to share their knowledge, experiences, and support students. The common concept of teaching in our university based on the international study programs and methods. We use all the necessary materials, books and methods used in the top international universities in economic and financial field.

Our Department prepares professionals for working in economic, organizational and management, scientific and research fields of international financial and economic system. Graduates will be able to work in different positions of financial organizations, commercial banks and inter-bank financial markets, stock exchange markets, other financial and monetary organizations both on national and international level.

General social-economic courses instructed during the education period in Finance Department will introduce students to economic disciplines, which will lay strong foundations in future professional financiers. International finance major courses aims at developing financial, analyzing and analytical skills of students, aims at preparing qualified financiers with the common and detailed knowledge based on the main aspects of international financial markets, organizations and policies. By using the privileges of international title of our university, we are focusing our efforts on training future professional financiers with strategic and innovative thinking able to analyze the international trends on financial, exchange and stock markets, which will take a part in maintaining of strong the systematized financial system by means of financial tools.

The purpose of the undergraduate program is to develop knowledge and skills in international finance to prepare students for a career in financial and economic fields. This is achieved through completion of required courses in four components. Students gain experience through an internship and research skills by completing a bachelor’s thesis.

Duration: 4 years
ECTS Credits: 240
Thesis: Yes
Internship: Yes

To receive a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics, and International Trade, students must complete the courses listed in the curriculum below.

Humanities and socio-economic courses (20 ECTS credits)
Exact and natural science courses (30 ECTS credits)
General courses in the field (80 ECTS credits)
Special courses in the field (100 ECTS credits)
Internship (5 ECTS credits)
Graduation thesis defense (5 ECTS credits)

The graduates of this program will be able to:

- regulate the financial system of economics according to requirements of international financial policy;
- organize the manage the balance statements in different organizations of international financial markets;
calculate and analyze the indicators of international financial markets;
- organize the operations of international financial markets;
- calculate the profitability of state, municipal and corporate securities on international financial markets;
- control the fulfillment of financial legislation on international financial markets.