Engineer's Club


Engineer's Club

“Engineer’s Club” of Information Technologies Faculty was established in 2016.

Present time

·       Extra study sessions such as “Web programming”, “Computer Architecture” and “Operating System” are available for members of “Engineer’s Club”;

·       Week of Computers and exhibitions are being held at the university by “Engineer’s Club”;

·       Members of Club are participating at project competitions;

·       “Engineer’s Club” is offering study sessions at the university.

In future

·       Extra study sessions such as “Robotics”, “Arduino”, “Networks”, “Mobile development”, “IOS app development”, “AutoCad” and “Adobe Illustrator” to be delivered by agenda of the Club for future;

·       Study sessions on “Web programming” to be offered for students of the university.


·       Preparation of projects for the benefit of the university;

·       To upbring every single member of the “Engineer’s Club” as experienced and sharp experts in the field;

Currently “Engineer’s Club” has more than 80 members.