Engineer's Club


Engineer's Club

“Engineer’s Club” of Information Technologies Faculty was established in 2016.

Present time

Extra study sessions  such as “Web programming”, “Computer Architecture” and “Operating System”  are available for members of “Engineer’s Club”;

Week of Computers and exhibitions are being held at the university by “Engineer’s Club”;

Members of club are participating at project competitions;

“Engineer’s Club” is offering study sessions at the university.

In future

Extra study sessions  such as “Robotics”, “Arduino”,  “Networks”, “Mobile development”, “IOS app development”,“AutoCad” and   “Adobe Illustrator” to be delivered by agenda of the club for future;

Study sessions on “Web programming” to be offered for students of the university.


Preparation of projects for the benefit of the university;

To up bring every single member of the “Engineer’s Club” as experienced and sharp experts in the field;

“Engineer’s Club” has more than 80 members for now. The president of the club is Parahat Iljanov the student of Programming for Computer Systems major. Responsible instructor for the club is Jahangir Ashirbayev from Computer technologies and systems department.