IUHD students actively participated at the International Law School Mediation Tournament

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IUHD students actively participated at the International Law School Mediation Tournament

by Novruz Nurberdiyev

Students from the International University for the Humanities and Development (IUHD) showcased their mediation skills at the International Law School Mediation Tournament held in Vilnius, Lithuania, from November 21-25, 2023. Organized by the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR) in collaboration with Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), the event drew participation from 14 teams representing 12 countries.

The IUHD team, consisting of Novruz Nurberdiyev, Derkarberdi Orazberdiyev, and Abdyleziz Saryyev, under the guidance of their coach Arslan Charyyev, represented Turkmenistan for the second time in this prestigious competition. The participating teams hailed from countries such as the United States, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria, Ireland, India, Poland, Ukraine, Singapore, Lithuania, and the host country, Lithuania.

Aside from the intense mediation competition, IUHD students actively engaged in the International Scientific Conference themed "Overcoming the Mediation Paradox: Ideas, Challenges, Good Practice." Renowned scholars, academia members, and distinguished speakers delivered speeches on various aspects of mediation, including the paradox itself, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in mediation, and shared best practices in the field.

As part of their participation, IUHD students also gained access to a free online course titled "Cultural Diversity and its Impact on Conflict and Communication," provided by the "Dialogue Through Conflict Foundation" of the USA. This additional opportunity allowed the students to broaden their understanding of cultural nuances in conflict resolution.

The IUHD students not only demonstrated their mediation skills but also had the chance to visit prominent institutions during their stay in Lithuania. Visits to the Lithuanian Parliament, Civil Education Center, and explorations of the Vilnius Old Town added a cultural and educational dimension to their overall experience.

Expressing their enthusiasm, the IUHD team acknowledged the invaluable experience gained during the tournament. The competition provided a platform for the students to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life scenarios, learn from industry experts, and engage with peers from diverse backgrounds. The insights gained from the tournament are expected to significantly contribute to their future professions, providing a deeper understanding of mediation and its practical applications.

Furthermore, IUHD expressed gratitude for the insights gained into the organization of such prestigious tournaments. The university is now considering the possibility of hosting similar events in the future, contributing to the growth and development of mediation practices within its academic community.

In conclusion, the IUHD students celebrated not only their participation in a global tournament but also the wealth of knowledge and experiences that will undoubtedly shape their future careers in the field of mediation.


4th year student of International Public Law major of IUHD