“Wish Tree” Project

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“Wish Tree” Project

Seeing children’s smiling faces is what brightens up our world. Their pure, innocent, and deep smiles fill up every incomplete part of us. Therefore, our university is always doing its very best in order to be the reason for their happiness.

Obviously, getting inspired from those motives, the University Students’ Council (USC) together with the Young Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Ambassadors of our university are doing a lot of charity work to put a sparkling smile on the kids’ faces. Clearly, all of the University staff and students are being a great help in order to implement this work. To be more specific, one of them is “Wish Tree” Project which is dedicated to the New Year.

The reason why it is named as “Wish Tree” is, because it is beautifully decorated with the kids’ pure wishes instead of New Year’s toys. To be more precise, we have visited the “Ashgabat Rehabilitation Educational and Training Complex” at the very beginning of December and collected 640 children’s wishes in order to decorate our New Year Wish Tree. Following that, we have set up the Wish Tree in front of the USC office and decorated it with small envelopes, each containing one child’s name. All of the passersby were very interested about the project from the start, and once the main goal of the Wish Tree was explained, they were eagerly picking the random envelopes, and were ready to be the reason for the children’s smile.

Finally, the participants of the Wish Tree will be bringing presents that they wish to give until December 25th, and all of the presents will be delivered to their owners on December 28th with all of the USC members, Young SDG Ambassadors, volunteers and anyone who wishes to accompany. These kinds of activities fruitfully contribute to implementation of 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.