Voting for Parliamentary elections in Turkmenistan has started

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Voting for Parliamentary elections in Turkmenistan has started

On March 26, 2023, the voting for the elections of deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, members of the velayat, etrap, city Halk maslahaty and Gengeshes has started at 7:00 and will be ended at 19:00 in all 2644 polling stations. According to Central Commission for holding Elections and Referendums in Turkmenistan, a total of 3496304 voters were registered for the elections.

More precisely, 452822 voters in Ahal velayat, 288808 voters in Balkan velayat, 745706 voters in Dashoguz velayat, 728786 voters in Lebap velayat, 809943 voters in Mary velayat, and 470239 voters in Ashgabat city were registered.

The 3rd polling station of Berkararlyk etrap of Ashgabat, which is located at International University for the Humanities and Development have also started receiving voters on this election day. As a tradition, the voting process has been opened with the national anthem of Turkmenistan and followed with the speeches of the organizers of the elections. Then the elections started and the voting process was surrounded with the song and musical performances of the students of our university.

All conditions have been provided for the voters to vote at the polling stations. The voters who reached voting age this year have received memorable gifts.

In addition, the polling station at our university received guests from the observer missions of international organizations and familiarized them with the elections process.