SDG Young Ambassadors


SDG Young Ambassadors

Young people have a power to offer solutions, be agents of change and transform the lives of the generation. Young people in Turkmenistan share the same aspiration.  To unleash the potential of Turkmen youth, the United Nations country team, the National SDG Center, the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan called on the young people to present ideas on how they can contribute to raising awareness on SDGs at the national level.

Young SDG ambassadors – are socially active people, leaders of their local communities. Each of them is going to advocate for one Global Goal among their peers for one-year period, disseminate the information on sustainable development among youth, develop a platform for the collaboration at the national and regional levels to build new partnerships for SDGs.

Today SDG Ambassadors are invited to high level events conducted by national and international organizations in Turkmenistan where they present their vision and advocate for sustainable development where “no one is left behind”.

Involving youth and giving them a voice is Turkmenistan’s priority. So, let’s give young people a chance to offer innovative solutions and be Ambassadors of change. Through this creative initiative, the youth of Turkmenistan will amplify critical messages on Sustainable Development Goals and will help the country to achieve all the goals and targets!

Those who want to participate please send your essays due date: 12 April, 2020.

Submitting essays to mail address: